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Welcome to our site! We are awarded Slovene craft brewery located in a small town called Ajdovščina. If you are looking for a great Slovenian local craft beer you are on the right site.

We've decided to write this in English because many of you from around Europe and the rest of the world are searching for more information about brewery tours and opening hours, and while doing so you tend to seek help from Google Translate and end up with inaccurate information.

The brewery is unfortunately not open to the public because its small size makes it unsuitable for regular tours. We do, however, have a small beer shop next to the brewery where we offer beer tastings. The shop is located at IV. Prekomorske 61b, 5270 Ajdovščina.

Opening hours:
Thursday 2PM-6PM
Friday 2PM-9PM
Saturday 11AM-6PM

You can also experience Pelicon beer tastings (with local food!) year-round if you visit the Faladur shop in the centre of Ajdovščina. It is open every day (Tue-Sat) and the staff will be happy to tell you all about the our beer and the brewery. Find out more on their webpage:

If you prefer a more traditional way to taste beer, there's Pelicon on tap at a local bar Kavarna AVE. They usually serve three of our beers on tap. You are wellcome to stop by at Bar Hisa Mladih, located next to the brewery and hostel. They have one Pelicon beer on tap and others in bottle.

We regularly host a Beer Market in front of our brewery. The Beer Market usually takes place at the brewery at 11.00 a.m. on Saturdays from March until May and from September until December. The first Saturday in September we organise a craft beer festival called Pivomanija.

You can still send us an e-mail when you're in Ajdovščina. We'll be happy to grab a pint of beer with you after work.

We hope you have a great stay in our small, quiet town. Let us know how was it via Twitter, Instagram, or post a beer entry on Untappd. We'll be checking!

Anita & Matej

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